SendText to display text on Grandstream

Morning @everyone,

I have a dilemma with my grandstream gxp2140 and the gxp 2170. When I use the command

exten => 7701,1,NoOp(## Call the 100 by the Caller ${CALLERID(all)} ##)
 same => n,set(CALLERNAME=${CALLERID(name)})
 same => n,set(NUM2USE=${CALLERID(num)})
 same => n,NoOp(## Your extension number is : ${NUM2USE} ##)
 same => n,SendText(${NUM2USE})
 same => n,Playback(astcc-digit-account-number)
 same => n,SayDigits(${NUM2USE})
 same => n,wait(5)
 same => n,Hangup()

But the text appears on the GXP1625 but not on the new models of Grandstream. Why ?

have you check phone logs, and also could be phone new firmware issue

Hi @ambiorixg12, yes I make an update of my sip phones (Grandstream gxp2140, gxp2160, gxp2170) but nothing appear. With my softphone X-Lite 5.3.3 and the gxp1625, I got a message.

This issue I guess will be needed to be addressed directly with the phone vendor, if there is any setting or specific tag needed to Messages works on those phone version