Sending faxes with Asterisk 1.6

I’m a complete neophyte to both Asterisk in particular and VoIP in general, but I have managed to get an AsteriskNOW box up and running, doing mostly what I want it to. Inbound/outbound calls are working fine, fax to email is working fine, but I cannot for the life of me get outbound faxes working. I’ve tried spanDSP, I’ve tried Free Fax for Asterisk, but to no avail. I’ve spent many hours Googling for solutions, guides, tutorials, etc but most of what I’ve found pertains to Asterisk 1.4 and/or to incoming faxes rather than outgoing. Does anyone know of an up-to-date guide for setting up outbound faxing with Asterisk? Anyone able to point me in the right direction?


you could use hylafax and iaxmodem for outbound fax calls.

they work well with asterisk.


See my experiences: … oppure-no/