Asterisk faxserver with iaxmodem and hylafax

Before I start I have to tell I’ve never used voip as system administartor, this will be my first project in this area.
I have a task to set up a fax server which will communicate with an Avaya pbx which will forward the fax lines to the asterisk and the asterisk will send the faxes to the users by e-mail with hylafax and iaxmodem.
This is the plan.
My question is is it possible to do it, and if it is how difficult for me who is very newbie in asterisk and voip world?



It’s certainly possible, there are plenty of 'How To’s out there, here’s one: (One warning, you should not start iaxmodem from inittab AND an init script.)

Before starting, you might also want to consider Digium’s Fax for Asterisk, which, with the paid product at least, will give you Digium support.