Sending 200 OK to Notify Message


I need to send 200 OK message to incoming notify message from server. Currently our clients send notify to server but asterisk does not return 200 message to them, and without 200 OK, our client do not process and start communication with each other. I could not find a way to modify notify system

There are two separate SIP channel drivers. Neither provide a configurable mechanism for this. You’d have to write C code in order to add support for the type and have a 200 OK response sent.

Can you point me the file that I should modify, I’m kinda lost on all C codes but could not find the source file for notify

If using chan_sip then everything is in channels/chan_sip.c. If using PJSIP, I don’t really have a place because I don’t think we currently have anything doing unsolicited incoming NOTIFY and don’t know readily where it would go. Could maybe just be a SIP service[1] that looks for a NOTIFY request of a certain type.

[1] asterisk/res_pjsip.h at master · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub

Sadly, It’s PJSIP, let me look deeper than, thank you for your help

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