Respond to SIP NOTIFY from remote server

I am running Asterisk 13.23.0 on a Debian server.

I have configured an endpoint which registers to a remote server successfully.

Right after the first successful SIP registration the remote server sends a NOTIFY to my Asterisk server which responds with a 404 Not Found.

What needs to be configured in order for the Asterisk server to respond with a 200 Ok ?

Many thanks in advance.

If referring to PJSIP, then such functionality is not implemented or supported.

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I’m not aware that Asterisk supports unsolicited NOTIFY’s. It will provide the correct URI when soliciting them.

The only possible thing you could change is to add an Asterisk extension, in the context for the endpoint, that matches the request URI in the NOTIFY. However, I rather suspect you may get a 4xx, 5xx, or 6xx status based on the content type not being supported.

You didn’t say which SIP channel driver you are using, although I’m guessing that the use of the term endpoint means it is chan_pjsip. I’m pretty certain that chan_sip doesn’t support unsolicited NOTIFY’s, but less so for chan_pjsip.

In any case, NOTIFY is a one way operation. All that the peer should care about is that it got a final status. The only reason for caring about any other status would be to lest its operator know the NOTIFY was wasted.


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