Send pre-recorded message as a call

Is it possible to send a pre-recorded message with Asterisk as a phone call? What do I need to do to accomplish this?

You can try option A ( x ) - Play an announcement to the called party, where x is the prompt to be played

  • x - The file to play to the called party

Or better the Originate command

Are you asking how to:

  1. Originate a call, play a message, hangup? Use a ‘call file.’
  2. Play a message before bridging you (or an agent) to a caller? Do as ambiorixg12 suggests.

If you are more specific about your needs and volume, we can suggest more specific details.

Yes, number one is exactly it. Originate a call, play a message then hangup. I’m very new to Asterisk.

Thank you both.

There are several ways to accomplish this. One of the easiest is a ‘call file.’ It can be as simple as:

# sample call file
# (brain-dead parser fails on leading whitespace)

# leg 1
channel:		pjsip/5555555555@example-sip-provider

# leg 2
application:	playback
data:			demo-congrats

# (end of sample-call-file)

You can read the dox on Asterisk Call Files for details.

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