Send DTM via dialplan for international calls

I have to take the extension number, if the number starts with 011 and call my phone company number… 212xxxxxx and send ${EXTEN} as DFTM.

From a regular phone, If I dial, 212xxxxxx,01144xxxxx with comma separation it works. I am having hard time achieving this through dialplan.

The following is the dilaplan rule:

exten => _011.,1,Macro(user-callerid,LIMIT,EXTERNAL,)
exten => _011.,n,Gosub(sub-record-check,s,1(out,${EXTEN},yes))
exten => _011.,n,ExecIf($[ “${CALLEE_ACCOUNCODE}” != “” ] ?Set(CDR(accountcode)=${CALLEE_ACCOUNCODE}))
exten => _011.,n,Set(MOHCLASS=${IF($["${MOHCLASS}"=""]?default:${MOHCLASS})})
exten => _011.,n,ExecIf($["${KEEPCID}"!=“TRUE” & ${LEN(${TRUNKCIDOVERRIDE})}=0]?Set(TRUNKCIDOVERRIDE=))
exten => _011.,n,Set(_NODEST=)
exten => _011.,n,Macro(dialout-trunk,2,${EXTEN},on)
exten => _011.,n,Macro(dialout-trunk,3,${EXTEN},on)
exten => _011.,n,Macro(dialout-trunk,4,${EXTEN},on)
exten => _011.,n,Macro(outisbusy,)

I have unsuccessfully tried SendDTMF. Not sure if that works with the above macro.



Any clue ?

There is no Dial application call in the dialplan fragment you provided. You have not indicated what sort of channel technology is being used on the outbound leg, or how long a pause is needed.

If you didn’t write the other macros, and you are using a supported product, contact its supplier. If you didn’t write them and they are not from a supported product, this may not be possible to deal with with with the amount of time people are prepared to put into analysis when giving peer support.

If this is an analogue channel without answer supervision, or one where the additional DTMF is sent as early media, you could try using w where you have “,”, but I don’t know if dahdi actually supports this.

If you have answer supervision, and the additional digits are sent after answer, you the D option on Dial.