Send callerid name on PRI

Howdy -

I searched the forums and found some messages close to what I need to know – it does appear that it is possible to transmit the caller id NAME field over the PRI to the telco. In our case the name we send is not being passed by the telco. The passed number is being passed by the telco. That is to say, people who receive calls from us DO receive whatever callerID number we set but do NOT receive the name we set. THey instead receive a pre-programmed name from our telco (the name of our company as listed on billing records)

Can anyone confirm here whether it is infact possible to pass the calleer ID name to the telco via the PRI such that people receiving calls from us on the PSTN will see the name we set? If so, then its likely I need to work with my telco to get whatever flags/settings right on their switch to allow us to pass this (any hints what to ask for are appreciated).



You must see with your telco. Over a PRI, you can send the Callerid name IF the telco allow you to do.

this may be possible but i dont know how well it will work. As i recall Caller-ID Name is done via a directory lookup, not always passed with the call itself…