Seems like a firewall problem, but the firewall is down

This is very strange

Remotely phoned to analog phone = OK
remote iax client -> * -> provider sip -> analog phone

Locally phoned from sip phone = the other party hear me but I don’t
local sip phone -> * -> provider sip -> analog phone

I’ve disabled all firewalls but nothing happened.

router has 5060 port nated to *

nat=yes externip=...

Did you “nated” the rtp ports (see rtp.conf) used by Asterisk too ?


Marco Bruni

[quote=“mbruni”]Did you “nated” the rtp ports (see rtp.conf) used by Asterisk too ?
Dear Marco,
No I don’t, but I use 5060 to connect to local sip phones.

I tried nating rtp ports as well but no luck.

I should note that iax <-> * <-> sip provider <-> phone company works well and sip packets are traveling from sip provider to * and from iax remote client to *, that seems the problem is from * <-> sip phones.
Sip phones are communicating (sip phones <-> * <-> telephone company) with no problems at all.