Seeking for advice

Hi all

I used winspc to remove voicemail messages ( about 14 gb or 12.000 voicemails) and all went fine
after that i selected all folders to see the total size of all the folders in asterisk and the program kicked me out , as a result asterisk stopped working and no gui access to freepbx.

The good thing is is that i have a backup .
in the tar the version.xml shows the following software releases:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

can you tell me what is best practice to make asterisk working again ?

some more information
The asterisk server can connect to the internet but ssh to other local clients is not possible
yum update gives errors

i think i use 2.6.18 asterisk version can i download this and restore the backup ?

please any help will be highly valuable

XML version is the version of the extended markup language and will appear in any XML file. It is is in no way specific to Asterisk.

2.6.18 is not a valid version number for Asterisk.

Are you sure this is not a FreePBX problem, as FreePBX is not supported here.

Asterisk should restart if it crashes, which suggests this is a deadlock, rather than a crash. Unfortunately the binaries generally supplied with FreePBX do not support the debugging needed to analyze deadlocks (or other crashes).

my mistake,

this is the content in versions.xml in the backup file under thename elastixbackup-20160714074943-s0.tar

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<versions><program id="asterisk" ver="" rel="0"/><program id="dahdi" ver="2.6.1" rel="4"/><program id="wanpipe-util" ver="3.5.28" rel="0"/><program id="freepbx" ver="2.8.1" rel="16"/><program id="elastix" ver="2.4.0" rel="1"/><program id="elastix-pbx" ver="2.4.0" rel="1"/><program id="elastix-email_admin" ver="2.4.0" rel="1"/><program id="elastix-agenda" ver="2.4.0" rel="1"/><program id="elastix-fax" ver="2.4.0" rel="1"/><program id="elastix-vtigercrm" ver="5.2.1" rel="7"/><program id="elastix-a2billing" ver="1.9.4" rel="5"/><program id="elastix-sugarcrm-addon" ver="Package not installed" rel="Package not installed"/></versions>

The Asterisk version is That series ended its support life last October, at version

Any idea what version to dowload so the backup to be restored ?

thank you

You will need to download Elastix since that’s what created your backup.