See all outgoing calls on Asterisk in the last month

Hi everyone,
I can’t figure out exactly how to browse the logs in order to see all outgoing calls in the last month. I already tried checking “Master.csv” and “messages” files, but both are pretty empty. Do I need to change some cfg files in order to store a complete list of Asterisk calls? Which files regulate the call logs and how should they be edited in order to store the calls details?

If the Master.csv file contains anything, you need to remove whatever job
you added to rotate and delete old log files. I believe it is still the case that Asterisk will created an indefinitely large Master.csv, out of the box.

This will be different for FreePBX and other software based on Asterisk, but those are not supported here.

If you don’t install any of the CSV modules, the Master.csv file, will not be generated.

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