Getting requests from unknown IPs

I’m new to Asterisk and I’ve setup a server on a public development environment, I’m just testing things out and learning about Asterisk but I’ve noticed that there are requests for registrations from IPs that I don’t recognize and I’m not registering any new SIP phones myself, I’m getting something like this:

chan_sip.c:25474 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘’

followed by the IP and Port number to an extension that I don’t recognize,

Is my server being “attacked”?

If so how do I stop these IPs from sending requests.

Firewall your server off from the public internet.

Only allow IP’s that you know through the firewall, block all others.

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Of course it is! Every system accessible from the internet is attacked.

  1. Don’t put the server on a public network unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  2. Use strong passwords. At least 16 random characters and numbers for your phones to register.
  3. Try fail2ban. It can help against brute force attacks.
  4. Change the default sip port from 5060. They’re scanning for that port to be open.
  5. You can use iptables to block those addresses, but you’ll be forever maintaining it.
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