Secure Telepayment System

Dear Community,

I have made open source the Secure Telepayment System that I created not only because existing technology in the world of DTMF Masking do not have customer privacy for card data gets whispered at phone keypad but also because Virtual Terminals by other card processors do not have the controls to conceal the card data from merchants (or agents in the call centre) using browser for payments on phone so they manually enter the card data in browser by asking the customers on phone for that confidential information of cards which compromise both the card security and PCI Compliance hence not only the card data always left at risk for payments on phone with other card processors but also estimated 2% revenue from payments on phone wasted that will be saved by Secure Telepayment System.

For more information:

Please point us at the source code and the documentation?


Please see the github link in the description of video after opening the video in youtube.

I tried including link in the message but it did not allow so put in the description of video.

No source code, though.

Indeed. No source code of the Asterisk side.

The github link 404s now :frowning:

Seems just more like a commercial offering with no source :frowning:

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