Sccp phones display all internal calls as 'Private'

I’m running Cisco 7940/60 series phones as basically intercoms, all internal calls only, on SCCP-b. When I call them from either a SIP or another SCCP phone, it will show the caller ID on the BOTTOM of the lcd, but at the TOP left corner of the screen it shows:

From Private
(Unknown Number)

It also shows Private in the call history. All my users think caller ID isnt working because they miss the line at the bottom and just see Private up top in that box, and they cant use call history at all. What am I missing??

Just a guess, but are you sending the caller id name as well as the number? Can you NoOp the ${CALLERID(all)}, and post it?

– Executing [888@default:2] NoOp(“SIP/899a6-00000093”, ““TEST JUAN” <123>”) in new stack

Looks like it to me.

It shows the right info at the bottom, but in the big flashing box that everyone looks at you see what it displays. And it shows Private in call history for all lines as well.

Nobody else experiencing this? Its happening on all my sccp phones, on two different asterisk servers running different versions of asterisk and the OS…

It’s possible someone else has experienced this but not many people run SCCP, so they may not know of your post.

I thought I was having this issue as well with our sccp 7940 phones. I then stumbled across a few phones where call information was appearing correctly. Directory information under the missed/received/placed calls also appeared correct on these phones.

I found that the phones that were showing Private (Unknown Number) were running firmware versions 6.0(3.0) and 7.2(4.0). Phones running 8.1(SR.2) did not have this problem.

What version(s) of firmware are you running on your 7940/7960 phones?