Sbj: audio problem (1-way?) With Asterisk-oh323, g729

Sbj: audio problem (1-way?) With Asterisk-oh323, g729


I need to know how to resolve an audio problem with oh323 asterisk channel using g729 codec.  It appears to be a case of 1-way audio with calling party being the side in silence.  

A call enters asterisk through pstn phone line connection.  It goes by voip to a cisco router / voice enabled gateway running an interactive voice response script, in order to be an audio source and dtmf response test.  

The call tests perform normally when g711 ulaw codec is in place.  IVR responds to dtmf digits, entered as calling party hears the audio prompts.  

Call has audio problem when g729 is in place instead.  Calling party gets no sound. But if the suitable digits are entered at about the right times, they are interpreted correctly by the router ivr script.  

Cisco side debugs show codecs being correctly negociated in both cases, and prove dtmf digits to be working, even when calling side is in silence.  

Asterisk version is from cvs 10/18/2005, open h323 is v 1.15.6, pwlib is v 1.8.7, asterisk-oh323 is v 0.7.3.  I chose versions for compatibility based upon readme file and online docs suggestions published with the oh323 channel driver.  G729 version is the early Nov2005 Digium binary for i686, old glibc.  IP connections are over the same subnet (no firewall or nat).  

	- - octimotor - - 11/5/2005;