Sangoma and ata hard drives HELP!

Hello All,

Quick question. I have about 5 A102 T1 cards. They installed very well on any older computer, but when my guys attempted to install on a new system (and used the TrixBox 2.0 software included with the cards), we keep getting this error after installation and reboot: Kernel panic - not syncing.

I checked with Sangoma, and was referred to TrixBox. I checked with TrixBox, and was told that it was an issue with serial ATA hard drives (which our newer systems have).

But what is the solution? All the information from TrixBox was very vague, and none of the suggestions has worked so far.

I was wondering if anyone had a solution to the problem. Again, on a computer system containing a serial ATA hard drive, we installed the Sangoma A102dx T1 card, loaded the included TrixBox 2.0 software. Installation went normally until completion and reboot. Upon reboot, we always see: Kernel panic - not syncing.