Sample asterisk.conf in 11.10.0 contains template

I’ve been running Asterisk for some time now on a small scale. I happened to notice today that my two OpenSuse machines were behaving differently as far as logging was concerned even though they have the same configuration. One was happily logging to /var/log/messages and the other had created the file but wasn’t logging anything.

Whilst checking on the config files I happened to notice that the first line of asterisk.conf was directories but I couldn’t find anything to invoke the template. So, I removed the (!) and now both are logging.

Whilst I appreciate that the sample files are just that, this is the first time I’ve found one which didn’t quite work as I was expecting.

It is not an error. If you make it a template, it is ignored, and you get the defaults. You only need to make it active if you want to override the defaults.

I’ve now found, as you say, that the default should be /var/log/asterisk but on the machine in question it was putting it into the syslog until changed asterisk.conf and explicitly specified it.