Change default path of asterisk logs

Hello dear friends,
I want to change asterisk log default path .
I change it from asterisk.conf file and below parameters:
astlogdir => /mnt/log/asterisk
And restart asterisk
But logs are still stored in /var/log/asterisk

Is there any where else to config that?!

It should work. Are you sure that this asterisk.conf is the one that your Asterisk is using.

In any case, replacing /var/log/asterisk with a symbolic link might be another way.

The default asterisk.conf directories context is a config file template. This effectively makes the contents of the directories context a comment because that template is not used anywhere. If you remove the (!) from the end of the [directories](!) that will make it a normal context.

You will also need to restart asterisk for the change to take effect.

Dear rmudgett
Thanksssssssss so much
Your help is very valuable to me
You saved my time and removed all my tiredness.

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