Rxfax and txfax apps compile issues

Hi … I am trying to install the fax applications but am getting the following issues … anyone can assist please?

installed asterisk version:
installed spandsp-0.0.2pre25.tar.gz
location of rxfax and txfax:
soft-switch.org/downloads/sp … pp_rxfax.c
soft-switch.org/downloads/sp … pp_txfax.c

I was getting errors when posting the debug info here so i had to put it into a file:
Please download the error from wirelesscaribbean.com/error.txt

thank you !

Try this. Use configure --prefix=/usr to make spandsp, and check that /etc/ld.co.conf includes /usr/local/lib and run ldconfig. Create /etc/ld.co.conf if you don’t have one.