Running AGI script on startup?

Hello all !

Is there anyway to run an AGI script (or dialplan extension) when asterisk starts ?

Any help appreciated …


One method is the following ( I use it inside the /etc/init.d/ script that starts/stops *):

/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx ‘originate console/dsp extension XXX@offices’

the XXX extension in the offices context gets called every time * is started.


Thanks mbruni … very appreciated …

I will give it a try …


Hello mbruni & others,

Maybe i just don’t get it but …
As far as i can tell “originate” is not an * CLI cmd … ???
It’s a manager cmd … (right ?)

Can you give me a “real life” example of your command ?

Any other suggestion to start an AGI (or call a dialplan context/ext) on asterisk startup ?

Tnx for any suggestion …


“originate” is an * cli command, just connect to the * cli, write “originate”, press the enter key and * will tell you how to use it.


hello mbruni

Ahhh … my mistake … My * is in an embedded system and the
module for the cli originate cmd was not loaded …

I ended up using the “Local” channel as i did not have the chan_oss module loaded. It does the job …
I added :

Sleep 3
/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx ‘originate Local/*15 extension’

In my * startup script (Sleep seemed to be needed)
and the *15 extension of the default context get executed …
which run my agi script …

It work perfectly now !

Tnx again for your help ! Very appreciated :smile: