RTP Port Range (on phones)


I’ve looked around but can’t find the answer to this question, I would really appreciate it if someone might be able to help.

Sample example
Asterisk set to use ports 16000-17000 for RTP
Setup 100 phones on different extensions

Should I set all 100 phones using min rtp port 16000 and 17000 for max, or is it better to divide the ports and use small groups? Basically does asterisk decide what rtp ports to use or do the phones have a say?

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

Asterisk selects the port that it uses. The phone selects the port that they use. Every RTP stream has one port from each of these two cases.

Thanks for the reply,

Should I set the same port range on all phones?

There is no requirement to do so, although it may make life easier when configuring your firewalls.