RTP issue, its send but i cant receive


I’m trying to setup kamailio and asterisk. I’m have succesfully ability to register and initialize call to Asterisk. But I have issue with RTP. rtp debug shows that is rtp send to my ip address, I also see rtp stream on my home router, but it is not routed to my softphone. BUT !! once in blue moon i hear my audio.

Ok, read the information you have given again… Then forget all the extra information you know about this problem and ask yourself how you could help with only the information you have posted…

If you want help, maybe it would be wise to provide information on your setup, I mean Kamailio - Asterisk setup could be in different ways. Then provide logs, also depending on your setup.

Provide a log where a call works and one where it doesnt…

Without info, help is hard to provide.

Which logs you want. Just ask.

You are asking for help… Providing basic logging would help you getting that help.

I cant ask, as you have not provided a description on your setup.

Do you use uac module to forward registration from kamailio to asterisk or only register on kamailio and relay the signaling…?

You have to provide information, most people here are not into guessing on how a setup is done and then trying to provide answers on your problem that are not even possible because your setup is different.

So, I says again, first you should provide information on your setup, if you can add logging and signaling from calls that work and do not work.

Then maybe people can start helping you. But if you do not provide the basics, not a lot of people will be willing to help you.

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