Asterisk<>kamailio integration

I have integrated Kamailio 4.0 and Asterisk 11.3.0 , now extensions are registered normally
my problem in calls between these extensions, asterisk trace gives :

WARNING[3241]: chan_sip.c:4169 retrans_pkt: Retransmission tim eout reached on transmission 315022eb44d060e2198f41ba1ab220c5@ for s eqno 102 (Critical Request) -- See P+Retransmissions Packet timed out after 32000ms with no response

where is the server IP (asterisk is listening on 5080 and kamailio on 5060)

please help?

SIP Trace?

You mean sip trace from kamailio or sip debugging of asterisk?

They should be the same, but as this is an Asterisk forum people will be more used to the Asterisk one. The first thing is to work out which packet is not being acknowledged.

-call from extension 121 to ext 122:

Nothing seems to be reaching the proxy, or the proxy is not replying, or replying to the wrong address. You probably do need to look at the equivalent log on the proxy.