RTP duplicate packets how to remove? Pls help


I am using linux bonding for redundancy, but some modes of bonding create duplicate packets. Those packets are corrected when using tcp, but on udp based rtp stream, the duplicate packets are not filtered and creates disturbed sound. I am using iax2 and same is happening with SIP. I need to know if there is any patch available to filter the duplicate packets.

I am using asterisk 1.8 with iax2 and sip and need to know how can we make asterisk filter any duplicate packet (coming from same source) in the rtp stream.

While googling i found a somebody has done this before but cant find the actual patch.
lists.digium.com/pipermail/aster … 01682.html

Thank you

I don’t believe Asterisk has the memory of the RTP stream needed to do this, or to resequence it. That is possibly a mis-feature as it regenerates timestamps and sequence numbers, so the end systems can’t deal with the problem.

I presume this is, in practice, such rare problem, that getting resources to change this may be difficult.