Rtp debug enhancement


Though current “rtp set debug” is very useful, what would say about adding options in the CLI to shorten the displayed output, for instance displaying a couple of RTP samples instead of the full stream of RTP packets ?

“rtp set debug head 10” would display the first 10 packets and exit.

Thoughts ?

Best regards

For what use cases?

No special use case in mind: only debugging SIP/RTP session with the console.

Bearing in mind, you can open your own connection to the Asterisk management console socket and filter its output through your own code.

Yes, Asterisk is an amazingly configurable toolbox with which you can tune many things.

On this specific topic, I often (almost always) had to quickly type an “rtp set debug off” just after typing “rtp set debug on” due to the (too) large number of displayed lines when you just want to check if RTP flows in both directions and check some details (addressing, codec).

People are free to think this is too specific or that console shouldn’t be used for this.

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