Route Calles based on DID Number

I am unsure how to route calls via the Trunk that receives them.

I have 3 trunks, and I would like for them to be treated differently.

Here is the output from the asterisk console.

-- Starting simple switch on 'Zap/3-1'

== Starting Zap/3-1 at ,s,1 failed so falling back to exten ‘s’
== Starting Zap/3-1 at ,s,1 still failed so falling back to context ‘default’

Once it hits that point, it just runs my default context without issues.

Your input would be invaluable!

I figured this out.

In my users.conf file I had [trunk_1] and then all the settings. One of the settings is context, and in context that routes to extensions.conf where if you put trunk_1 as the context, then it would route to section [trunk_1] in the context.