Ringing from CLI


I’m using LinuxMCE for my home automation. And in here, asterisk is also included.
In here, i want that once somebody push my doorbell, the phones start ringing.
In LinuxMCE, i’m able to start ringing the phones. But they keep ringing. I can’t stop them (except with picking up the phone).

So i would like to know if there’s a way to ring a phone (once, twice…) from a command line.

Put a timeout on the Dial command so it only rings for a specified period of time and then Asterisk will send a BYE to the device. If it keeps ringing, it’s in error, not Asterisk.

Problem is that i can’t put a timeout in the application itself. :blush:

Therefor i want to create a little script that can be run by the application.
So the script itself should ring the extension, and stop it…

Hi brononi!

Now when you push the doorbell,
how do you get it to make the call?

It ‘hardcoded’ in the application.
I’m trying to figure out with the linuxmce guys how this works.

But was thinking on the sideline to do it with a script… :blush:

Hi brononi!

You say “hardcoded” in the application!
What is sent to Asterisk that trigger the ringing?

If you do know you can make this timeout in the dialplan when the doorbell is pushed!

How to use dial in a CLI command: