New Feature Request - calls with specific duration - Long missed call

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Below is my status ,:

I had installed asterisk

Configure a SIP & trunk & configure it with magnusbilling

My problem ,

I am dealing with a customer who is a very precise restriction regarding his customer , his request is :

He wants to make a call to his end user with a very specific duration ( 3 to 5 rings only ) , as its not a good customer experience to keep the phone ringing to his VIP customer .

So how can I specify such thing ?

So lets say the duration for the phone call should be 10 Sec Only

You can’t, because ringing cadences are applied asynchronously, and in, in the case of VoIP phones, this is done in the phone itself, All you can do is empirically determined a dial timeout that has the intended effect, most of the time.

Also note, that this technique is often used to provide useful signalling without being billed.

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hmmmm , But its sound good to me , can u give me more details about this technique “” determined a dial timeout … “”

** How to set time out ?

Second parameter on the Dial application call. To determine it you will need to try different values, and observe how many rings you get, on the particular phone. You will need to do this several times,

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Just to clarify , by mentioning “” second parameter on the dial App call"" . do u mean by the dial app as :

** x lite
** Zoiper

& from second parameter I can set this feature .??

thanks in advance

I mean the Asterisk Dial () application.

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can u give me more details about this command plz ?
example of it will be great

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There is an option in Asterisk Absolute timeout. before invoke call you may define it. But this will start as call request sent to SIP Gateway. Number of rings we can’t specify in asterisk level.

You can’t generally specify the number of rings with any common telephony system as the caller doesn’t control the ringing. With VoIP, it is normally the destination phone that controls the actual ringing.

As @david551 mentioned, the number of rings can not be controlled. You can only specify the number of seconds an outbound call will try to reach the called party.

There are many factors that affect the duration of a single ring cycle. The ring and silence = one (1) cycle.

  • National standards.
  • Some PBX’s have internal and external ring patterns.
  • User defined ring tones.

At best, you could check the length of the ringback tone. ringback is what the calling party hears, which is about three (3) seconds. Multiply that by the number of ringback you want the calling party to hear. This may satisfy your customer.

But this will never match how many times the called parties phone will ring.

You can try it (extension.ael example)

globals {
  // seconds

context outgoing-calls {
  _some_ext => {

After 3600 second this call will be terminated