Ringback issue for IAX client

Hi, all.
I have a problem with ringback on IAX, in practice, users can not hear the ring during an outgoing call.
But not for all calls, we have a QuesCom 200 GSM for gsm calls and there are no problems, but i’ve set a rule to fail over to DAHDI group when variable ${HANGUPCAUSE} returns a problem.
During the next Dial() IAX Client (i’ve tried several one), it does not hear the ringback att all, while there is no problem about the SIP clients.
Suggestions? :mrgreen:

Marco Ciacci

I am also experiencing this on IAX calls. I only have one user using IAX and they do not hear ringing on outgoing calls, I have one user on SIP who does hear ringing, and then the rest of my extensions are all DAHDI which function normally.

Hoping it’s a simple fix for both of us!