Ringback 180 183 Asterisk 1.4.39


I have installed asterisk and working fine for inbound process . The problem customer calling to the asterisk server , He dont get ringback (ringing indication) .

How can i set the ring back in asterisk

Please Advice


There’s no team and this is a discussion forum.

Please install a supported version.

Please provide enough information that people have a chance of working out what you are doing wrong.

For SIP, Asterisk doesn’t normally generate ringback, that is normally done by the calling device or gateway, in response to a 180 response. If the outgoing side is SIP, Asterisk will send a 180 when it receives one, or if the Ringing application is called.

If i remember correctly sometimes i got the job done with
Exten => s,1,Answer() and then pass the call to the device