Ring when connecting holding bridge to simple bridge


We are using Agent Channel to create a new dialer, we are using AgentLogin to place the agents into a holding_bridge while we make outbound calls. Our outbound calls are being made on a simple_bridge, whenever we connect the two calls we are using AgentRequest to connect the holding_bridge to the simple_bridge, there is an audible ring on the simple_bridge. Is there any known way of eliminating the ring so that the client does not hear anything while we are connecting to two bridges?

– Channel PJSIP/71553-00000008 left ‘holding_bridge’ agent_hold-bridge <31a012ce-de82-4fcd-ad8d-68a5ebc5c6ed>
– Channel PJSIP/71553-00000008 joined ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge
> AutoMixMonitor used to record call. Filename: auto-1509542055-71553-71607.wav
> 0x70000018 – Strict RTP learning after remote address set to:
== Begin MixMonitor Recording PJSIP/71607-00000009

The first two lines are where we leave holding_bridge to connect to simple_bridge and the ring happens.

Thank you.