Ring tone detection or have anybody nvLineDetect?

It seems, Newman Telecom got rid of this module for asterisk and my attempts to find module were unsuccessful. Have anybody this module? my email is ama778[at]yandex.ru
Please send if it is possible or give me conditions you can send me it.
Thanks a lot!
PS Is exist another solution of ring tone detection?

Please check your email. I did send you message
Your sincerely!
Duc Viet To Ho

Yes, I got you message and I’ll explain for what I need this module.
I receive wrong connect code back to asterisk from gateway (it is successful always ever if there is “busy tone”) and I would like to check what channel status really.
I need this module still. Thank you.

I’ve got 4 message to forward this application from me if I received it. Will somebody show concern about us? :frowning:
May be need some donations to such people?

PS Send your conditions please. I can help you with NVfaxdetect module, for example.

Thank you