Anyone have a copy of nv_app_linedetect.c?

i’m looking at doing some tone detection, and i think this app has what i need. but i can’t find a copy here and Newman Telecom have disposed of the modules.


You mean for the faxing

no, i need to detect a range of tones, not just fax tones (and/or talking/or DTMF), so that app isn’t suitable.

unfortunately, it looks like Newman Telecom have sold their modules, so can’t/won’t provide the older ones (if there are any differences). i guess it’s into the IRC channel for me :open_mouth:

I have NVLinedetect 0.9.1 code.
Can you give me your mail id if you r interested?

thanks, PM on it’s way.

Can someone email me this code ( for NVLineDetect