Ring on Register


First of all - this is my first post in the forum but I have been using Asterisk since Version 1.6 a couple years ago and it is a great product.

Now - on to my question:

We have a SIP based door station. If a person presses the button on the door button, a SIP call is created to an Asterisk Server. The fixed phones (SNOM) in the house start ringing. However, when I am in e.g. the garden, I´d like to startup a SIP client and receive the call.

The SIP client (3CXPhone) starts up o.k., however as the phone is only available after the call came in, it is not ringing. I tried numerous things (like making multiple entries in extensions.conf) however nothing seems to be satisfactory.

Do you have any recommendations?



Park the call if it isn’t answered promptly.

Use the call pickup features.