Ring Group Missed Call Notification

Hi I originally posted this in the Freepbx forum but on of moderators there seems to think it’s a missing feature in pjsip:

I’m using Asterisk 13 with freepbx 10.13.66-14.
In my office I’m running the destination of the IVR to a ring group. If
somebody answers the phone, the others don’t show missed call.

I setup a new system for my cousins office with the same settings,
but when a call gets answered, the other phones show xxx missed calls.

The only differences between the 2 systems is the extensions and
trunks on mine are chan_sip and on his I used pjsip. Also, I’m using
Yealink t28 phones and his are Yealink T46G & T41P phones.

I found some older posts stating I should use the ‘c’ option or the
Mark calls answered elsewhere in general settings. I know the ‘general
settings’ page was depreciated, but I could only find this setting in
the Queue module. Also, I don’t see the

Reason: SIP;cause=200;text=“Call completed elsewhere”

show up in the logs on either machine as described on the posts.

Am I not finding the function for ring groups or is it nonexistent? Or is this a function of the phone?

Is that mod correct? Is this a problem with pjsip? Is there a workaround or way we can add this feature?


Asterisk’s PJSIP implementation indeed supports the “Call completed elsewhere” reason using the res_pjsip_rfc3326 module. If that’s not built, your Asterisk won’t support it. And, as you noted, if your Dial isn’t called using the ‘c’ option, then Asterisk won’t add it to the CANCEL message sent to the endpoint. And, if your endpoint doesn’t support it, then it’s all for naught anyway.


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