Queues and "Call completed elsewhere"

I (Asterisk 18.15) have a queue with ringall strategy (ringing three devices) that works as expected. But it produces a lot of missed calls on the phones. So when a call comes in and device A answers, I have unanswered calls on device B and device C.

With a normal Dial (without Queue) Asterisk sends a “call completed elsewhere” by default when I have a few endpoints in my dial string. But I could not find something similar for queues. The only thing that I found was the C option vor Queue(), but this one would just send “call completed elsewhere” when the caller cancels, so that’s not what I want.

Is there some workaround or something else I could do to keep other members from having an unanswerd call when one member did answer?

Thank you,

I am facing the similar issue. I have tried to corelated the CDRs but this is not a proper way to fix this problem. Can we capture appropriate SIP response “call completed elsewhere” in the dialplan?

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