Ring Detection?

Hi i have a little problem. i want to put my mobile phone into a ring group.
when someone try to call my local extension i want my local phone and my mobile phone to ring. The mobile phone will ring throut my SIP provider.

The problem i got is as soon the number dial for my mobile phone, asterisk detect it as if it was already answered. so my local extension isn’t rigning.

exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/221&SIP/222&${trunk}/${mobile},20)

this is how i have done that, but as of now, the extension 221 et 222 are not ringing. only my mobile phone. is there anyone how can make me a macro or something like that for ring detection on my mobile phone? thanx i’m in canada if it matther!! thanx!

Nobody can help me on this one, i’m running asterisk on a WRT600N with DD-WRT firmware in it! if it can help thanx!

If your phone’s VM picks up then asterisk see’s that the call was answered and it stops calling the other phones. You can try creating a MACRO that will keep ringing until you get the call and you press a button on your phone.

Ok but i don’t have any VM on my cell phone, and i only want it to ring like 4 ring. Is there anyway to use the phollow me to not use any key only detect the answer and transfert the call? Or any other way? thanx.