Revist a question RE: astman from a week ago

I posted an installation question a week ago. There have been 64 views of it, other than my own. A similar question has 95 views. Clearly, there are others experiencing similar problems to the one I am encountering. Yet, both topics have zero posted responses. Is there anyone who can provide any insight? For point of reference, my question was:

so why not bump your thread instead of posting another ?

and how about being a bit more proactive ? try moving the binary and seeing if it works. file a bug report on the tracker. the devs don’t visit here, so the chances are that they know nothing about it … have you checked out the latest svn ?

I don’t like moving things around when I don’t know whether an atypical configuration is so by design. I don’t believe in filing bug reports when I have been using a piece of software for only a day. I thought it safe to assume that a forum run by the makers of the software would be visited by the software’s developers, or at least by expert moderators. It would have taken no more effort to give an answer to my actual question, than it did to lecture me on what I ‘should’ have done. Hopefully, a user who is willing to help without a lecture will next respond.

ahh !! did the nasty man steal your dummy ?

firstly, forum etiquette. it’s rude to post a thread simply to highlight that you didn’t get a response previously. it’s not paid support you realise !

next, obviously no-one who has viewed your question has an answer. it’s a bug, probably in the makefile. but then it’s beta software too. file a bug report, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been using the software, it’s still not supposed to put compiled binaries there.

lastly, i hope you get a lecture every time you post something like this thread. if “so why not bump your thread instead of posting another” is a lecture, then stay well away from IRC.