Reverse Transfer

Maybe someone on here can help me out. We just replaced an old Intertel system with a brand new Asterisk system with Snom 300 phones. I really like the Parking Lot feature of Asterisk, but our old system had a reverse transfer feature that a lot of people in the office are more comfortable using because that is what they know.

If I had a call on extension 123, I could dial 4+123 (4123) to steal the call from that extension and bring it to my extension.

Now, looking at the asterisk flash panel in AMP, I know the system is able to poll and report what trunk a certain extension is using. I would like to set up extensions at 4+extension that do the following:

  1. Figure out what trunk extension X is using.
  2. Connect the dialing extension to that trunk and disconnect the currently connection extension.

It would be nice if it could also detect if the call is on hold or not, but not necessary.

Can anyone help me out with a sample extension entry into the conf file that figures out what trunk an extension is using and then steals it and connects to the current phone you are dialing from?

Thanks a bunch,

ah, new users wanting their old system back … been there, have the stress charts to prove it :open_mouth:

have you looked at PickUp() ? CLI > show application Pickup

that will let you pickup a ringing extension. “stealing” a call is more tricky. i’ve seen an external app (ChanGrab) that purported to enable it, but haven’t tried it myself.

google turns up another possible : … 94622.html