Restrict pjsip user registrations to only one account (ip phone)

how to limit accounts to register on the same pjsip user to only one account?
so if an account is already registered no other account can.

You set “remove_existing” to “no”. However, if the already registered device changes IP address or port and the registration is not expired, then they won’t be able to register either.

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thanks. it worked.
is there a way to force this pjsip user to bind to an ip phone of a specific ip address !?

Uh, you could restrict the endpoint using ACLs. Or not even allow registrations and just configure an explicit contact on the AOR.

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i dont get what is ACLs but i dont think i want to stop allowing registration you know.

ACLs restrict what IP addresses (or a single IP address) can use an endpoint. It is the permit and deny options.

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ACL = access control list

The purpose of registrations in SIP is to provide details of an unknown address. Registration is not necessary for authentication.

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