How to stop multiple login for single extension in SIP


See I have one SIP extension 3001. Now, I wants that only one user can login 3001 anywhere in the network. If 3001 already used in other PC in same network than this extension not able to use by other user. Can you please let me know what settings I have to do in Asterisk. Only one extension use single time only.

It will only allow one device to register against the same sip.conf entry - the most recent one. This is a human factors / password control problem.

(What you are probably seeing is the registrations continually swapping between the two devices.)

Note that “extension” is a misnomer, here.


But see, I don’t wants to asterisk accept the request for duplicate SIP registration. Is there any settings in Asterisk to prevent that ?

Asterisk is not seeing multiple registrations. It is seeing a single device alternating its IP address. I do not believe you can stop this without changing the source code. I’d reckon this would be a non-trivial change, as you would have still allow a re-registration to override, if there had been a sufficiently large gap between attempts.

You mean to say single extension like 3001 will work at a same time in multiple pc ?

No. It will only work in one at a time, but each time a PC registers, that PC will become the one. I thought I said this a long way up thread.

You, mean to say, last registered will work right ? but it is not happen. I have login with 3001 in 2 pcs, both are working as normal extension. But, i wants to work only one. once i logged in one pc with 3001 and than in second pc it won’t be work with 3001.

Registration only affects outbound calls. There is no login for inbound calls; they are authenticated on a per call basis.

Anyone with the right credentials, and not firewalled out, etc., can make a call. Only the currently registered one will receive them.

See I have 2 agents A and B.

A is using 3001 and B is using 3002.

A logged in by 3001 in his pc.

Now B try to login in by 3001 in his pc. It will be login. I want to stop this one.

One extension not be able to login in multiple pcs.