Restrict certain dial executions from hitting CDR

We have some conference bridges setup for bell and notification systems but are noticing that the setup/takedown of the conference bridge is not really causing any issues, BUT the cdr logging is. Is there any way to not do a CDR log for certain items in a dialplan?

In our CDR we will see this:

"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/1999-0000018d","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5195
"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/1103-00000191","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5223
"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/1413-000001aa","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5251
"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/1425-000001a9","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5279
"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/1411-000001ad","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5310
"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/1117-00000195","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5340
"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/1424-000001a8","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5373
"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/1414-000001ab","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5406
"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/1410-000001ac","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5440
"""SOME USER"" <2829>","2829","s","offices","PJSIP/2829-0000018a","PJSIP/2878-000001ae","ConfBridge","869362099","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:02","2018-02-28 12:10:07","5","5","ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","","1519841401.5146","",5475```

So for each endpoint in the bridge it show a documentation for it connecting to every other end point. So with 15-20 phones you end up with 1200 entries in our CDR all at once… Obviously this is not what I was expecting. We are coming from an older system that used Meetme, and now are using conference bridge, so maybe its a configuration issue. These bridges are all listen only (as its an sound file that is played in the bridge).

Obviously if we could just not include these in our CDR that would solve our issues…

Maybe I can just switch to using CEL instead of CDR and only track the dial app? This would seem like it would reduce a lot of this stuff…


Use the NoCDR() app and it wont create any CDR entry

NoCDR is depreciated, and is not an application in v13. CDR_PROP also does not help…
I need to get this resolved because the CDR logging on these pages are creating

taskprocessor.c:803 taskprocessor_push: The ‘subm:cdr_engine-00000003’ task processor queue reached 500 scheduled tasks.

This is obviously causing other issues when this happens… Why does asterisk log so much channel data in the cdr logs now?

Yes I just realized now the CDR_PROP function to disable CDRs on a channel. related to this message

there are many reasons why it could appear on your system, but in my expirience this happen when put Asterisk under a heavy load

The thing is there really is no load. It is a page with 15 phones. But this generates 1500 lines of CDR garbage when it fires off. I have turned off CDR and enabled CEL with:

CEL Logging: Enabled
CEL Tracking Event: APP_START
CEL Tracking Application: dial
CEL Event Subscriber: CEL Custom CSV Logging

This will get me by for now, but I do miss the CDR style logging… There needs to be a cleaner way to deal with conference bridge logs in CDR.