Restart after new dialplans


what is the optimum way to reload new dialplan on Asterisk?

We need to execute only reload or restart and then reload?

After restart the Asterisk proceeds with reload, correct?

I am asking since i am facing problem after the restart and needs reload.

Spilios G.

Doing “module reload” or “dialplan reload” will reload the dialplan. This is also done at startup of Asterisk.

Thank you for your response.

We performed systemctl restart asterisk.service for restart and “reload” for reloading the dialplans.
Are these correct and work fine?

Because when make the restart with the above command, we need to make reload after this since we faced problems with the calls and dialplans. There was not any warning after restart that shows problem with load the dialplans.

They should work fine. There are no reported issues with things not working after Asterisk is started. You’d need to investigate.

I’d guess you have a start up sequencing problem. Maybe you are starting Asterisk before you have good network connectivity and a registration is failing?

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