[resolved] Voicemail through realtime doesn't show users

I have configured voicemail through realtime to mysql DB. I have couple of records in appropriate table in mysql, but ‘voicemail show users’ keeps telling me ‘There are no voicemail users currently defined’

voicemail => mysql,asterisk,voicemail

has ‘voicemail’ table with followin record in ‘asterisk’ db:

uniqueid customer_id context mailbox password fullname email pager stamp
1 1 5555 5555 5555 viagaca 2007-06-24 18:56:39

‘realtime mysql status’ shows:
Connected to asterisk@, port 3306 with username root for 6 minutes, 7 seconds.

‘module reload extconfig’ shows no error:
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/extconfig.conf’: Found
== Binding voicemail to mysql/asterisk/voicemail

any idea what am I missing? :cry:

This is mainly how realtime works. When running that command it only lists the users that are found in memory. Since it’s not stored in memory but rather realtime it doesn’t show them. To check if it’s working, call Voicemail from the dialplan and see if you can login to a voicemail box that is specified in the DB.

Thanks for your help angler, that’s weird not showing realtime mailboxes, but at least it works… :smile: