[RESOLVED] RealTime VoiceMail 1.6

I am having an issue with VoiceMail configured using Realtime with MySQL in Asterisk 1.6…

In this example the mailbox is 5105 in context 372200;

 -- Executing [s@macro-xtn:5] VoiceMail("IAX2/A-9294", "5105@372200|u") in new stack
[Oct  8 16:53:56] WARNING[9324]: app_voicemail.c:4054 leave_voicemail: No entry in voicemail config file for '5105'

voicemail show users for 372200 correctly shows the mailbox configuration so I don’t believe there’s any problem with the Asterisk connection to MySQL (and all other realtime stuff is working including SIP Peers and Extensions)

I’ve checked the obvious things like trailing whitespace in the mailbox name etc in the MySQL database, and the line “searchcontexts=yes” is present in voicemail.conf

I’ve used a similar setup in Asterisk 1.4 in the past with no problem.

I’ve also tried manually adding the mailbox in extensions.conf in the traditional manner and this works fine - but it defeats the purpose of using Realtime!

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Turns out the problem was the |u or |b flags - these were being sent to the database in the SQL query e.g. WHERE context = ‘contextname|u’ instead of WHERE context = ‘contextname’

As a workaround using the old (deprecated?) form of ,u and ,b works.

I have run make menuselect for asterisk-addon-1.6, but I can’t see the mysql support in it. How can you make realtime work with asterisk-1.6 while there is not mysql support in asterisk-addon-1.6, or I miss something?