[Resolved] Uninstalling Asterisk [Resolved]

Hi all,

I want to do a clean sweep of the system and i want to remove everything associated to all of the names listed in the subject heading.

More specifically:

  1. What is the best way to remove Asterisk and all its associated files?

  2. What is the best way to remove Zaptel out of the system and also all of its associated files?

  3. What is the best way to remove Libpri and also all of its associated files?

I need to start everything from scratch, i need to eliminate the current installs as being a huge problem for us, i suspect the original install of Asterisk was corrupt, then we upgraded twice to newer versions, basically the upgrade path was 1.2.11>>>1.2.14>>1.2.15.

I want to remove everything and then re-install the latest version 1.2.16 of Asterisk, and then the latest Zaptel and Libpri setups.

I would go to 1.4.1 but i have no clue as to weather or not the Includes.lib we have now will work, or even if our configs will work, i need to test that on another machine some time and see if we can have it working on the 1.4 release of Asterisk.

Any Helpful suggestions about removing those 3 would be appreciated, but i really need to pay particular attention to Zaptel and Libpri as i suspect they are the culprits in this matter.

Thank you in advance.



Hello David. There is a link I found which may be a bit out of date now but it has good removing instructions toward the bottom. “Remove Asterisk” Hope I’m not to late.


Yeah Thanx for that…

I found that link the other night actually, but i forgot to resolve this thread, will do that now :wink: