[Resolved] Unable to call local extensions

I have no idea why this comes, I use asterisk 1.2.6 and upgraded to for the occasion of finding this bug I’m having (Im pretty sure it’s my ignorance and not an asterisk bug).

My dialplan per extension is quite simple:

In the CLI, I get this:

sip show peers reveals this:

Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status 1000/1000 D 6908 LAGGED (50 ms) 1 sip peers [1 online , 0 offline]

I dont think the 50ms in lag is relevant.

the asterisk machine is, so I don’t think there is any problem with a route to destination.

Furthermore if, I do this in the dialplan:

all of a sudden, it works and both extensions ring. however, my problem still exists of not being able to call just one extension.


[general] language=en context=from-unknown bindport=5060 bindaddr= srvlookup=yes videosupport=yes rtcachefriends=yes

any suggestions?

Ok, I know that this has something to do with realtime extensions, because when I add an extension in sip.conf (and thus not a realtime extension), I have no problems whatsoever.

Try removing


from SIP.CONF for once.

Does it help ?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve found out what the problem is.

Since I use realtime sip extensions, the problem lies in the fact that the ‘qualify’ field was set to ‘1’, instead of a more tolerant value, like ‘5000’.

That’s all folks :wink: