Resolved : Phone pickup (multiple sip accounts)

Hi ,

I have two phones :

Exten : 4000
Exten : 4001

I want that if Exten 4000 is called that a light will blink on 4001 and that 4001 can take the call but i dont want to use the *8 solution.

I am looking in setting up both 4000 and 4001 as accounts on each phones so they can take each others calls by pressing the line1,2,3,4 button.

I am able to do this but if one phone registers both accounts then the other phone does not receive the call anymore…

Any solutions ?Workarounds ? Suggestions


Add a BLF contexts to your dialplan and subscribe this context to the users that will be able to pickup the phones.

exten => 4940,hint,SIP/4940
exten => 4941,hint,SIP/4941

exten => _**4XXX,1,Pickup(${EXTEN:2})
exten => _**4XXX,2,Hangup

If you are using SIP phones, such as ones connected via a Citel Portico TVA you can setup a BLF button on 4000 to monitor 4001 and vice-versa.

Hi ,yes i did configure the busy light and it would turn red if someone is one the call but it would not take the call…

I guess you are going to have to give people more information on what phones you have, and how you have configured your extensions.conf and sip.conf