[RESOLVED] originate call and no received dtmf

Hello @all

I have issue with originating calls and receiving dtmf codes.

When I am doing :

I can receive dtmf codes on console

<< [ TYPE: DTMF Begin (12) SUBCLASS: 8 (56) ] [SIP/XXXXXX-00000013]
<< [ TYPE: Null Frame (5) SUBCLASS: N/A (0) ] [SIP/XXXXXX-00000013]
<< [ TYPE: DTMF End (1) SUBCLASS: 8 (56) ] [SIP/XXXXXX-00000013]
 << Console Received digit 8 of duration 435 ms >> 

But when I originate call like below I can’t see any received dtmf codes:

My asterisk version:

The problem is resolved. It was caused by my mistake in dialplan.
Many thanks to all guys on IRC #asterisk channel.