Can Send But Cant Recieve

Hello All,

 I am having a problem receiving phone calls.  The phone rings but I cant hear anyone on the other line.  However I can make outbound calls just fine.  

I Get two errors on the server:

Error 1: inband dtmf is not supported on codec g729

Error 2: ignoring $(SIP_CODEC) variable because it is not shared by both ends

Any help or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

  1. Incorrect dtmfmode. (Voice only codecs, like GSM and G.729 cannot reproduce DTMF accurately.)

  2. the person who wrote the dialplan tried to force the selection of a codec that isn’t compatible with the actual peers. You need to contact them and find out why they were trying to overide the codec, as this is something that is not that common.